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    Line Widths

    Terry Leiter

      Hello, I will try and explain this problem to the best of my ability.

      First, when Illustrator is working all right,

      I will turn on Illustrator.

      I will place a DXF image on the page.

      I can go to the line icon and change the line size to .75 or 1 or 2 inch whatever I want.

      I can then go to stroke icon and make the line dashed and I will always give the stroke a new color.


      Now when illustrator is not working properly,

      I will turn on illustrator.

      I will place a DXF image on the page

      But when I go to the line icon to change the line size, instead of being in increments of  .25 or .50 or 1 or whatever

      it will be in increments of .01 or .001 and when I go to enter forinstance 1 inch it will increase my line size to enormous proportions.

      Not only that but I lose the ability to go to the stroke icon and make a dashed line or even change the color.


      I attempted to hold down the Ctrl alt key while turning on illustrator once but I keep having this problem


      any suggestions?