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    Hidden Fields Still Print Anyway


      I created a form with version 7.  I later upgraded to 8.2.  When I pull up a form that I created with version 7 and save it under version 8 (making absolutely no changes whatsoever), the fields that I have set to show only on the screen and not print, print anyway.  The properties are still set to show screen only. If I remember, I created a new form with a hidden field and it printed correctly, so it appears to be only forms that were created under the previous version.  This is a complicated form with automatic completion to other fields on other pages, etc. and took me many months of trial and error to get it just right - I DO NOT WANT TO RECREATE THIS FORM FROM SCRATCH!!  Any suggestions at all as to what would be causing this? I attached the files in case someone wanted to look at what I am talking about. The one with the Freightliner logo has NOT been saved under the new version yet and still works.  The one with the Mack logo HAS been saved with 8.2 and prints the hidden fields. (There are no confidential numbers, etc. on these forms even though it might look like there are!) Thanks, Tony

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          pguerett Level 6

          There were issues with that are in version 7 that were fixed in version 8. Did you try raising the Traget version of the PDF to version 8 and seeing if it made a difference?



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            T-Mac05 Level 1

            After your suggestion, I raised it incrementally all the way to 9.0 with no joy.  I also tried some other things, did the "revert text" and "revert events", no go. I also created a new "hidden" field and it also printed anyway, so my memory of that working was incorrect. So far, the only way to make this work is to start form scratch, which I am not even contemplating! I can start a new form from scratch and the hidden fields do not print, but adding a hidden field to this form doesn't work.