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    Unusual Time Warp issue in CS4 (4.1.0)


      Two problems I am having:


      1. When I add time warp to my clip or nested sequence, the preview clip suddenly appears to be scaled larger if the clip is sitting within a higher resolution sequence.  The transformation is not dissimilar to having the "scale to frame size" option checked.  The actual speed based time warp effect appears to work fine, so I can workaround this by simply applying this to the clip within a sequence that matches its resolution


      2. Motion blur is not working at all...the default settings manual  shutter control (shutter angle: 180, samples 5, pixel motion enabled) produces no blurring.  I have processed this same file in After Effects CS4 and it works beautifully, but I wanted to try applying the effect directly to edited clips so that the blur effect does not span cuts as it does when I apply it to the entire file


      Any ideas?