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    Capturing and Export Settings for HDV 1080i movies


      I  shot my movies with a SONY HDR-HC9E Camera (records on hd-tapes with the 1080i HDV standard). When I connect the camera with a componet oder hdmi cable to the monitor I see a perfect quality hd-movie.


      To capture the movie I am using the common FireWire (IEEE1394) connection. I choose the the 1080i standard capture settings in the project to capture the movie to the pc. When I compare the quality afterwards, there is a big difference. I am really thinking that I am loosing a lot of quality during the capture process.


      The second problem is to export the final movie to a blueray or just a file. I have tried a lot of different formats, codecs and settings. But the quality is getting worser and worser.


      Does anybody how to choose the capturing and export settings in premiere pro CS4 without loosing that much quality?


      Thanks a lot in advance.