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    simple question on aligning video and audio


      I am new to this and am using the Cs4 trial.  I have placed a video in video 1 timeline and it has audio that appears in the audio one line. Now I have also inserted a plain audio file from the sound board of the same event into audio track two. I would like to align them so I magnified them and can see the exact start time of the audio in the waveform.  The problem is I can not align the two.  If I slide either one back and forth they just jump to a frame marker. Like I said I am new at this.  I can understand that the video can only move on frame or one key frame at a time?  But shouldn't the audio just slide with out jumping?  I hit a button that said snapping but that didn't change anything.


      Also how do you align two videos?  If I have two videos of the same performance It would seem that I have to align them together to then use the multicamera mode?  I tried the razor tool but that only seems to cut on a frame.   Doug

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          Colin Brougham Level 6

          You can set the timecode display to "Audio Time Units" which gives you much more finite control when positioning or trimming audio tracks. Click the fly-out menu in the Timeline panel or Program Monitor to find it:




          Note that video can only be positioned or trimmed to whole frames; how precise you get is dicatated by the timebase of your sequence. For example, in a 24p sequence, you only have 24 subdivisions of a second; in a 60p sequence, you have 60 subdivisions. Likewise, the razor tool/command is bound to frames, at least when slicing video.