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    Adjustable artboard size?



      We are contemplating using Catalyst to crank out some taskflows for user testing.


      One thing holding me back is that the progression from page to page (states) is not very natural. Let me explain. There are two adjacent pages in the taskflow. One is a really looong page form that is almost 2000 px long. The next page is a very short page thats maybe 500 px.
      I chose a long artboard to accomodate the lengthy page. However, when user clicks next at the bottom of the long page and goes to the short page, he is dumped at the bottom of the short page and the user has to scroll all the way to the top to see the content at the top of the short page.

      Anyway to tell catalyst to proceed from page to page at a set screen height?



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          Peter Flynn (Adobe) Adobe Employee

          Hi sridhar,


          Unfortunately, there's no way to adjust the stage height dynamically from within Catalyst.  But you can have tall content scroll within a shorter stage height, which lets you keep the stage size the same across all states -- and gives you greater control over the appearance and position of the scrollbar to boot.


          Is your tall content something that you could build as a Data List?  If so, definitely go that route to set up your scrolling region.


          If the tall content is more varied, check this thread for a way to create a generic scrolling panel.  It's a little involved right now, but we're definitely looking at making this workflow easier.


          Let me know if that works!


          - Peter

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            srileo Level 1

            Thanks Peter,

            i tried to follow the technique listed in that thread and i downloaded and installed Flash Builder, but when i go to File> Import> I dont see a choice to import a Flash Catalyst project?

            I looked at the FB demo video on the Catalyst homepage and there was clearly an option to import Catalyst projects...what am i missing here?



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              Peter Flynn (Adobe) Adobe Employee

              If you choose File > Import > Flash Builder Project, you will be able to import an FXP file from Catalyst.


              - Peter