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    Assigning initial value in mx:ComboBox


      Hi All,


         Defined mx:ComboBox as below


           <mx:ArrayCollection id="bb_list">
              <mx:Object data="" label="-Please Select-"/>
              <mx:Object data="Y" label="Yes"/>
              <mx:Object data="N" label="No"/>
              <mx:Object data="D" label="I Don't Know"/>


          <mx:ComboBox  width="152" id="broad" dataProvider="{bb_list}" change="bb_service()"></mx:ComboBox>



         Say I'd like to show 'Yes' as selected, here I'm trying with


          broad.selectedItem.label = "Yes";


        but this code is not setting ComboBox with 'Yes' as selected.


        Please let me know how to fix this problem.