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    How can I get user to enter date & time on a form?

    Clive Level 1

      I have a form where I want the user to enter a date and time for an event. The database field is in MYSQL datetime format

      I've used the datepicker on the form field but it only allows for a date entry not time.(eeven when seetin the width to 22 chars

      I remember doing something before which allowed the user to pick a date and then add the time at the end.


      I've got the date defaulted to dd/mm/yyyy and the time to H:mm in the control panel.

      Can anyone help please or is there a better way to enter date and time?.


      Any help appreciated



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          James_PT Level 1

          Two things:

          • The column in your database is defined as DateTime, not Date
          • You use the option on the Date Picker to choose datetime, not date


          This will give the user the ability to choose a date and time from the date column.  If you need more control over the time, you probably need to add another column defined as Time.  Then you can use the validation rules to force an entry rather than allowing the default (current time).