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    Issue using Custom Renderer




      I have a data grid that I'm using a custom ItemRenderer. I'm creating a new class that extends an HBox and add an image and a piece of text I want to appear in that cell.


      the DataGrid code looks like this:

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          Can you post the code?



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            dewaraja Level 1

            My appologies. I didn't think I submitted the question because I ended up finding the issue. Its quite odd, but at least I know where the issue is. The reason you see the Status column looking like that is because on the DataGrid, I set the vertical-align property to middle because I wanted the each column to have its items in the center of the row. But for some reason, it seems if I set the ItemRenderer to something like a Box or HBox or VBox, it seems to fly off the border of the row. Its not always centering on the height of the grid either. Anyway, I decided to just not worry about it and take out the center align out of the data grid and manually align each column in its renderer.


            Thanks for offering to help!