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    PDF documents and Verity Problem

      We have an application that periodically indexes the document folder using cfindex.

      If the folder contains PDF documents not created using CFPDF and are standard, the verity index process works correctly.

      PDFs can contain forms and form data.

      However, if I use CFPDF to use these particular PDFs to populate/flatten/merge and create new PDFs in the document folder and reindex the verity collection, the indexing process (KVOOP.EXE) uses up to 100% of the CPU process and crashes the Cold Fusion server and/or freezes the computer.

      Is there a known bug with Verity and PDF forms created with CFPDF tag??


      After further investigations and checking the log files, I have come down to these error messages being the reason.

      Warn E0-1514 (Drvr): TstrIOFilter:flt_kv: KV failed on filtering document: error = 6

      Warn E2-0527 (Document Index): Document 13 (C:\Content\Document Test 155816.pdf): Stream error (-140) - SKIPPING

      Invalid document ID/key. (-25)

      How could I get around these errors?