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    "Sliding Boxes" transition in AE?


      Noob question:

      Can anyone tell me the most efficient way to create the "sliding Boxes" video transition effect in AE (Sliding Boxes is an out of the box transition effect in PP)?


      More Details

      The effect transitions from one image to another buy building the second image as a series of stacked (horizontal or vertical) boxes (bands) that slide into place.

      For example, Image B slides over image A in moving (horizontal stacking) bands. It looks as though Image B has been cut into strips. These strips move on the screen sequentially from left to the right building the complete image without seems; Image B is built from right to left as each strip slides in from the left to the right in order - each sequential strip vertically stacked next to the previous one until a complete image is formed.

      This effect is an out of the box transition effect PP. I imagine in AE you can create a bunch of masks and then move them into place. Is there an easier way - an effect that already exists that I can't seem to find?

      Thanks in advance for your help