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    new error messages after FB4 crash

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      Today I was using the flash component feature of FB4 when Flash CS4 (which executes the component from FB4) crashed. When I returned to FB4, i found that the application that I was authoring (as well as all of my other applications) threw hundreds of error messages in the problems window on the next build. While there were hundreds of messages because of the large numebr of files that I have, they were all duplicates of only two error messages: 1) 1046:Type was not found or was not a compile time constant:[flash.events]::IEventDispatcher, and 2) Type was not found or was not a compile-time constant:[flash.display]::IBitmapDrawable. The strage thing is that other applications, which had been working fine, are now all throwing this error.


      Has anyone seen anything like this, or have any ideas on how to fix? Is this a corrupted file which happened when Flash CS4 crashed while in the process of editing the FB4-based flash component? FYI, Flash CS4 appears to be running fine.


      Any help would be appreciated.

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          bobba1 Level 1

          Concerning these error messages, I just uninstalled and reinstalled FB4 and everything is working fine.


          I believe that the problem happened when I was in a Flash CS4 edit of an Flash component in FB4. In the middle of my work Flash CS4 simply quit (closed) and that's when FB4 began experiencing errors, so I'm just assuming that an FB4 file was corrupted in this process. I am noticing that the Flash component in FB4 can be slow and cumbersome on my system (Windows XP Pro SP3) perhaps eating up a lot of memory which then makes crashes like the one I had (Flash CS4 just closes in the middle of an FB4 edit) more likely.