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    TextFrame Object CS3 [vbs]


      Good Morning all, I'm trying to access the Textframe object in CS3. I've noticed that there is a "Textframes" object which seems straight forward to access and there is plenty of documentation on the next and in Scripting Guides.


      However I cannot find any examples, tutorials or guides in how to access the "Textframe" object.



      can anyone help please?

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          Set myTF = myStory.TextFrames.Item(1)


          gives you first TF of Story

          Set myTF = myDoc.TextFrames.Item(1)


          gives you first TF in Document


          Set myTF = myChar.ParentTextFrames.Item(1)


          gives you parent TF of character - works same way for all text objects - Line, Word, Paragraph, Text, TextColumn, InsertionPoint - even if your text is in Cell - doesn't work in ID 2.0.2


          Set myStory = myTF.ParentStory


          if you want to get parent Story