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    Flex Initialise




      I have a main component with several child component. The child component gets values from the main using parentDocument.variableName.


      -There is a "Report" Button in the main component


      - There is a initialize="displayText(event);" at the start of my ReportArea


      - the displayText function will display the text retrieved from the parentDocument variables


      Problem: When I clicks on the "Report" button for the first time,. The function is called and I am able to display the text successfully.

      However, when I click on the other buttons that call the other components and then click on the "Report" button, it appears that the variables were not updated.


      It seems that the initialize only calls the function for the first time and results in my ReportArea not getting the most updated information,


      Is there any other way other than initialize to call the function?


      I've tried creationComplete too but it does'nt work either.


      Anyone have any ideas??