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    Displaying fb Friends in Adobe AIR app

    parkeast Level 1

      First off, I realize I'm completely in over my head here.
      I am a designer... not a programmer.  Sure, I've set up some "quizzes" on facebook... but nothing like what I'm trying to do here.  So, I'm hoping to get some quick and simple help from someone here. smile

      Anyway... here's my problem...
      I've made a fun little Adobe AIR app using Flash CS4.  When ran it makes your computer screen look like you're logging into the Umbrella Corporation from the Resident Evil franchise.  It has company data, surveillance cameras and other stuff.  It's totally for fun and doesn't "do" anything.  Just wanted to make an AIR app late one night and this is what I did.

      Now, however, I would like to make it so that you can login to your facebook account and then view a "database of Umbrella Employees"... which... in reality... would simply be a list of your facebook friends with pictures!  The descriptions of what they "do" could be randomly generated from a file or something... or it could be grabbed from some posts they've made or something.  But the friend pictures and names are really what I'm wanting to show.

      I have looked and looked all over for a simple "downloadable" example of this.  I've found some things, but everything is like reading an encyclopedia... and, like I said, I'm simply not that smart.

      Does anyone have a Flash CS4 .fla file that you could share with me to show me how to do this?

      I'm serious when I say I can't figure much out... so please include all library files and anything else I need to know (like upload this to your server here) and stuff.

      If you help, and I "release" this (obviously I can't make money on it) I'll put an Easter egg in for you with your profile or picture or whatever you like! smile

      Here's hoping for some help...