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    Google Map Memmory issue in flex

    Sreejith P

      Hi all..


      I have an issue with google map with flex. In my AIR(Flex) windowed application. I am loading 5 components in different button click.


      Each of my components am loading google map. Before loading new component am removing all previous components using  removeallchildren() method.


      Here story is fine.   But Each time loading map will allocate 10mb of memory . I can see it in my task manager of windows xp os. 

      Am using flash,system.System.gc() to call garbage collector..


      But it is also not working. I cant able to release that memory using the usual methds…. Like that my application is keep on growing memory……


      No other components have this issue.


      Any one can suggections..





      Sreejith P

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