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    Multiple email address problem

    Sarcooke Level 1



      I hope you can help,


      I have currently set up and Adobe/Livecycle form with email submit button to send back a pdf. I have managed to get the form and the submit button working fine, however i would like the email to send to multiple users. Looking at a number of forums i managed to come up with the below:


      mailto:mysister@myhouse.com;?&cc=nobody@home.com&subject=Submitted Form&body=Please find attached the completed form.


      I have tried this a number of ways (with, or ; instead) but the email keeps wanting to send out the 1st email address (mysister@myhouse) twice and ignores that the 2nd exists. Every way i have tried this even with a simple mailto:mysister@myhouse.com,nobody@home.com it always duplicates the first email and ignores the second!



      What am i doing wrong! Please help it's driving me mad!