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    The dissapearing image mystery, please help


      Hi folks, Im pretty new to flash and just done a website that Ive kind of hit a brick wall with. All appears to be fine when I view it through the flash player but when I view the embedded version through internet explorer the strangest thing happens. Its probably easier to show you rather then just explaining, you can download a zipped version of the site from the link below.




      The issue is happening on the portfolio page, on the fashion and beauty 1 gallery. When you scroll to the far right side the image seems to cut itself off in a wierd place. When viewing just the site.swf file standalone all appears absolutely fine.


      I thought the issue was due to the image sizes as they're all quite large but I cant seem to find anything to rectify this. The individual gallery swf files are all simply one long jpg file that moves along the x axis. Ive tried breaking it into smaller images within the portfolio1.swf file but it still does the same thing.


      Currently the index.html file has the width and height set to 100%, if I reduce this down to a smaller figure the image cuts off in a different place and if i make make it small enough it all seems to work fine but I need it to fill the entre page.


      Maybe Im overlooking something very but this has me completely baffled, if anybody has any ideas Id really really appreciate it.