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    Help me to make the best setup

    HilmarGud Level 1

      Hi all,


      I would like some help on setting up Premiere CS4 so it works as well as it could.


      I am editing .mov or .mts files and exporting them as flv files. The bitrate is 250 and I am encoding them to be used on-line. No effects or such are used.


      I am using:


      Mac Book Pro - 2009 model

      1066 bus speed

      2.8 GHZ

      4 GB memory

      500 GB 7200 Seagate disk

      External FW 800 Seagate 500 GB 7200 disk


      I would like to know how it is best to set up the program and the disks. I know I am only using one external disk and I a getting some annoying delays when I am trying to play the clip in the preview window. Even with no other programs open.


      Where is best to keep the original files?

      Where should I put the preview files?

      Should I export the files to an external drive or internal?

      I am thinking of getting a bracket to put another 500 GB 7200 disk as an internal disk, would that help?


      Any ideas would be great.