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    'Two stage' Acrobat Form & Licensing

    David Hollis

      Hi, All


      I'm pondering how a 2 stage Acrobat form might work in practice, and whether there would be any licensing issues.


      1st Stage/Person


      Details of form completed by first person. PDF is saved, and passed on to 2nd person.



      2nd Stage/Person


      2nd person checks validity of form and signs it. PDF is saved.




      The issues are whether it's possible to only complete part of a form before saving it. In particular, what about the signature field? Would Reader baulk at an uncompleted signature field?


      Is it possible to have the signature field inactive during the 1st stage, only becoming active after the 1st stage fields have been completed, and the PDF saved? Would that constitute 'modifying the document'?


      Can you do all this with Reader, or is something else required? I mean form completion, not creating the forms.