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    Creating links on slices and then they disappear


      Did a quick search but couldn't see anything relevant.


      When I slice up my fireworks document, I often find that I will add the links to the slices, do each page (sometimes copying and pasting the slices, for the navigation for example), and then go back and check through my document and many of the pages will have no links attributed to the slices.


      My only workaround so far has been to create the links for the slices on a page, save the document and close it, then reopen, do the next page, save, close, repeat.


      This is okay for small documents but on larger sites it's a real pain.


      I'm using Fireworks CS4 on an Intel Mac OSX 10.5.7.


      Has anyone else experienced this or have any ideas?


      In general I do find that Fireworks is quite slow and clunky, compared to say InDesign/Photoshop etc. I find this pretty weird considering the file sizes created from Fireworks are miniscule compared to ID/PS.


      Thanks in advance for any help.



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          JoyceEvans Level 3

          Are you using Fireworks code as your final site? Wondering why you are linking in FW. Also, if you are dealing with multiple pages, do you know how to use the Pages panel? You can setup a master page with the navigation and other non changing items that will filter though to all pages using it. Fireworks is a very efficient web tool once you understand it:-)


          Jim Babbage has a tut here: http://www.peachpit.com/articles/article.aspx?p=1248694


          I have a brief one for CS3 here: http://tutorials2go.com/movies/FWCS3/fireworks_cs3_pages_movie_tutorial.htm


          Someday soon I hope to start recording again :-)

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            tpstom-UAs6T9 Level 1

            Thanks Joyce


            I am not using FW as the final output. Basically, I design the site for the initial client presentation. I design between 5 and 10 pages usually, which then get presented to the client.


            Recent designs include:






            In order to best display the designs, we create beta sites on our server, which have minimal functionality (links to each of the designed pages, rollovers etc)and upload them to a test site which is password protected. This enables our clients to see a working website rather than a printed design. We have had great success in presenting our designs like this, especially as our competitors tend to present their designs in printed form.


            So, as a designer (no coding skills at all) I create the designs and then slice them up and take them through Dreamweaver simply to upload them. This means that if/when the designs change I can easily amend the slices also.


            Using master pages for the navigation is a great idea and I will definitely do that on my next design.


            I still wonder why FW is so clunky with the links though?


            Thanks for the links.



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              JoyceEvans Level 3

              One thing to be creful of is that when you make a change either hit enter/return or click on the slice to be sure it takes.

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                tpstom-UAs6T9 Level 1

                Yeah I have been doing that. To be honest, I have been checking the links and they are fine. Then I go to the next page, copy the slices and find that the links are no longer there. Then I go back to the previous page and find that they have disappeared from there too. Very frustrating.


                Maybe it's a system thing, problem with RAM or something. As no one else seems to be having the same problem I guess it's not a general FW glitch.


                Cheers for your time.