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    Can someone help with this stuppid Media Encoder?!


      I'm tired of reading hunderts of topics. Can someone please tell me why the Media Encoder is not encoding at all. I've tried everything, but my progressbar always shows loading 00:00:00.


      That is not normal. I'm sick of using expensive software, full of bugs. Would someone from the support explain why is this happening and what should be done.


      I read a lot about this topic and there are no good replies on it.


      The system i'm using is:


      Intel Quad Q9550 2.88Ghz

      8Gbs of Ram

      GeForce 9600 GT



      The encoder is a stuppid program with one single stuppid purpose - encoding. When the encoding is not working, the whole CS 4 Studio is useless!


      I, like many others, i'm having serious problems while working on big projects and now of course i should see why the software becomes so buggy instead of doing my job.