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    Captivate 3 - Want to recreate project from temp folder




      I was recording a webinar session (one of 6 recordings I made) and one of the sessions, when I ended the recording during a break (by hitting, appropriately, the 'end' key), it said 'Creating slides # of #'.


      When it got to 9 (of 205), it froze, and then after a couple minutes, I got the 'End Program' dialog. I was recording a long session (no doubt), but that is not the issue I need to discuss. I have read the disclaimers about optimal slide length...


      I went and found the temp folder that I think had the data saved from the captivate session. In that folder, I have .dat and .swf files. I can copy the swf files into a blank cp file, but there is no sound accompanying them.


      My question: Is there a way to bootstrap this temp folder to recreate the lost session? I think I still have the data available; if I could get cp to try to see the temp folder as a raw cp session for creating slides, I'm hoping I can recover the session.


      It was an expensive training session, and the part that was lost was the meet of the training.