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    fscommand and double quotes


      i am using c# and flash together.


      I use fscommand to pass xml data to my c#



      The xml is well formed and such as seen below....


      fscommand("cv01n", xml_iw21);


      - <item>
      <field name="txt_Documentdescription" value="aaaas" />
      <field name="txt_Documentpart" value="000" />
      <field name="txt_Documenttype" value="DRW" />
      <field name="txt_Documentversion" value="00" />
      <field name="K1-B01-1A" value="IFLOT" />
      However when c# recives the double quotes the result looks like MORE LIKE this: which is not well formed.....
           <field name=\"txt_Documentdescription\" value=\"aasdf\"/>
           <field name=\"txt_Documentpart\" value=\"000\"/><field name=\"txt_Documenttype\" value=\"DRW\"/>
           <field name=\"txt_Documentversion\" value=\"00\"/>
      is there a elegant way to convert the xml_iw2 as i pass it into csharp?