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    InDesign Fonts problem Bookmark Script

    Rajeev Kumar MPS

      Dear All,

      We developed one script for creation of Bookmark in InDesign CS2. When we are runnign this script content formatting is getting anmoly changed, I analyzed InDesign file and came to know that due to a font called "Trade Gothic Bold No. 2" due to this font all formatting of the content is getting change.

      But in script I am not doing anything with fonts, only we are untagging the content to take the reference for creation of bookmark. The script is working very fine for other files from last 6-7 months but only this file is having this kind of problem.

      If any one know the reason please let me know, I know this might be not related to scripting forum but if we recieved any issue related to it. Please let me know the solutions also how to aviod these kind of problem.