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    Saving as DWG in Illustrator CS2 - help!!!


      I'm trying to save a file as a .dwg or .dxf in Illustrator CS2. Everytime I save, it creates two files, a .bmp or .jpg and the .dwg or .dxf


      Does this always happen, the two file situation? Because then the files can't be separated from each other if you intend to open them. I need to send these to part of our parent corporation, and it was my understanding that it shouldn't be two documents. I'd never saved as a .dwg or .dxf before, so this is new to me, I'm not sure what is considered "normal."


      Can someone help me understand what's going on here?

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          Kurt Gold Adobe Community Professional

          It's normal in case your Illustrator file contains rasterized objects or objects which are rasterized during the export process.


          You can choose which raster format to use in the Auto CAD export options (in Illustrator 14 it's .png or .jpg). Any raster object in the Illustrator file is separately exported to the same folder the .dwg file is exported to. When you reopen that .dwg in Illustrator the raster files come in as linked files.


          Just send them the whole folder including the .dwg and the raster files.