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    Best way to maintain size/scale across designs?


      I have, for now, five vector designs I'm working with in Illustrator.  They are being reproduced digitally and in screenprinting.


      For screenprinting, on t-shirts, I need the scale of the designs -- which contain text -- to remain the same.  Mainly, I need the font to be the same size on every t-shirt.  So there's a piece of art and then below it a small phrase.  We're moving to a digital process, which requires vector art.  I had originally done all my designs in PS, but now I need them in vectors.  So I'm redoing them all in AI.  And I'm having a hard time trying to figure out how to set it up or interpret them over in AI so that the font is the same.  In PS, all I had to do was set the type to 39, bold and that was it.


      My original vector files are much larger and I'm guessing that I should just bring the art down to its final, printed size and just set the font to 39 again...  But I'm afraid it might not work that easily...  or am I wrong?


      Thanks in advance for your help.