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    Printing Mystery: PDF only printing from Mac, gives error message for PC


      So here's a mystery for you guys:


      I have two PDFs:

      - Document 1 is 41 pages long, created on Word 2003 in March 2007 on a PC and is a staggering 694 KB.

      - Document 2 is 3 pages long, created on Word 2007 in June 2009 on a PC and is 555 KB.


      When I attempt to print  Document 1 from my PC, only three pages will print before I get the error message:


      ERROR: undefined

      OFFENDING COMMAND: \MJ (from another PC in the office, it was \Z)




      Frustrated, I asked my coworker to print Document 1 from her Mac. Sure enough, it printed just fine without a problem.


      We use the same printer on the same network.


      When I attempt to print Document 2 from the my PC, the first page will print sans images and then I get the error message:


      ERROR: undefined





      When my coworker prints it from her Mac, it prints out all three pages except for one image on two of the pages (funnily enough, it's our poduct image in a document comparing our product to the competition).


      Does anyone have any idea as to what's going or how to fix it?


      Both documents are going to our network of dealers, who all (by theory) need to print it out. It's company policy to only provide a PDF version to them, which means we have to solve this issue. The older document, Document 1, has been distributed at least four times in the last 2 years, which makes me wonder if this is a new problem or just came up.