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    Touch a Video in Project Pane and the Program Goes 'Poof'


      I have CS3 - 3.2.0 here at work.


      I had started a project and imported to MPG-2 files which played fine at first.  After making a couple of titles I went back to drap one of the two videos to the Preview Pane.  The second I click on either MPG, Adobe Premiere just dissapears off the screen and is no longer resident in the Task Manager either.  They just 'poof' and go away.  I openend them numerous times.


      I even tried selecting everything and dragging them to a Bin I named "do not touch" but the second I move them they go 'poof'.


      The next thing I did was delete that project and everything in the folders.  Every bit of data related to the project and started over.  It still does the same thing anter creating it again from scratch.