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    BEGINNER: Best Framerate for smooth transitions

    designshoppe Level 1

      My animation is jagged in movement.

      What would be the best framerate for a smoother transition?


      Right now I'm using the default 12FPS


      Should I make it higher or lower and if so, by how much?


      This is the animation:




      Help would be much appreciated.

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          Rothrock Level 5

          Higher framerates do make for smoother animations -- up to a point. Depending upon how many things you have going on and the computer in use a really high frame rate can cause some machines to choke and then it will look worse than a lower frame rate.


          I recommend getting a rate that you work at and that you tailor all your designs to meet work at that rate. That way if you need to combine assets later they will be compatible. And you will have a feeling for the rate.


          At work we are now doing everything at 24 and at home I use a 30. I think both of those are pretty reasonable and that most machines these days will be able to handle those rates.


          Of course there are always times when for a very specific reason I might use a different rate, but I only do that knowingly and not just because, "eh, seems like a good idea."

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