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    W3C Compliance and RH setting the wrong slash / \

    Nick@Tag Level 2

      I'm wanting to get a full w3C compliance on my project, and it seems ALOT of topics have linked the css files, various images etc with back slashes ( \ ), rather than (URI) forward slashes ( / ).


      My topics etc all still work when published and these are coming up just as warnings, rather than errors...... but just wondering why its been linking some topics and images like this, and others arent. Is it to do with files in RH sourcing from the C:\ where the slash should be \ rather than /, but on the web its / as opposed to \


      I thought maybe that I did something, but I havnt gotten my fingers dirty with that many topics and links, and every topic from what I've seen so far is linking to the CSS using back slashes, not forward slashes.