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    fireworks newbie (long time Indesign user)

      Hi there

      I have recently picked up fireworks and am now using it for web design projects. I am a long time user of Indesign and come from a print background but have designed a fair few web projects over the past couple of years and am attempting to migrate to fireworks for all future web projects.

      I am probably thinking too much in "print" and if there is anyone who has made a similar migration I would be very interested to know your workflow (ie, everything in fireworks, or PS to fireworks, or text in ID and then import to fireworks?).

      The reason that I ask is that I created an HTML email design and microsite in Fireworks and the client then asked that all of the text colours be swapped (some text was purple and some was black). I had to then go in and individually highlight each area of text and change the colour.

      Had I created this in Indesign I would have created style sheets for each type of text and then could have simply edited the style sheet, done in about 30 seconds.

      Do style sheets exist for text in Fireworks (found nothing in the help menu)?

      Thanks in advance.