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    shader, blendShader not in flex sdk 3.4?


      Ijust downloaded the free 3.4 sdk from devnet.  I tried "img.blendShader = null" (where img is an SWFLoader) and "import flash.display.Shader" and got an error on both of them running mxmlc.

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          WordRad Level 1

          Just to elaborate, shader, blendShader, etc are documented in the flex sdk 3.4 online reference.  There is nothing in the release notes or anywhere else on Adobe's devnet site saying that what they call the Flex 3.4 sdk there, and have made avialable for free download, is in anyway a partial version, or not supporting shaders are Pixel Bender.


          So does anyone at all (from Adobe itself or otherwise) have a familarity with using shaders and can explain why using the sdk 3.4 I cannot compile when referencing shaders even though their documented in the 3.4 reference?