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    having a problem downloading a pdf file onto sony reader.


      I have the Reader connected to the computer.
      I have downloaded the books form Waterstones which went into Adobe Digital Editions.  There hasn't been a problem here.
      I have opened the eBook Library, went to file, import files, my documents, Adobe Digital Editions and clicked on the book I want to put on the Reader.  The book uploads into the eBook Library.  I then Drag and drop the book on the Reader link on the left hand column.  The status rotates as if the book is being transferred however I then have an error message reading:


      'To transfer this ebook, you must first authorize the reader for Adobe DRM protected content.  Do you want to authorize the reader now?'
      I click yes.


      I type in my Adobe Id and password as I am asked to do and click yes.


      Another error occurs reading:
      'Failed to authorize this PC to the eBook store.'
      I can only click yes here which leaves me where I started.


      If I go onto the Sony eBook store it doesn't show me the 'Register' link at the top of the page.


      I had 7 ebooks on the reader since July so it was all working perfectly until 5/09/09 when i bought another 2 from Waterstones.  When I tried to put them on it deleted the first 7.  When I had the 2 new books on, the old 7 deleted and when I had the first 7 on the Reader it didn't allow me the 2 newer books I bought on 5/09/09.  Now I can't get any of the books to transfer onto the Reader.


      My sister is also experiencing the exact same problem as I am having.  However when she downloads a free book from Sony, it transfers no problem, it just seems to happen with the ebooks we have paid for.  She is using the software which was supplied with the product wereas I am using an updated version.  Between the two of us, we have purchased 12 ebooks and can't get any of them to work on either Reader.


      Can anyone help??