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    Scanned docs - Very fuzzy, not clear


      I've never seen this before.  The document is created using a flatbed scanner.  The original is all text.  On one particular computer the text is unreadable in Reader.  The file opens, but the image is so fuzzy you can't read it.  The text looks like the resolution was blown up so much that all you see are the dots that make up the image.


      I've tried 3 other computers, and all can view the doc with no problem.  All are XP Pro.  All have the latest version of Reader.

      I tried uninstalling and re-installing Reader, even removing anything Adobe related from the Registry.

      I compared settings in the non-working computer with one that works, both are the same.



      Any idea what the problem is?

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          MichaelKazlow MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          You have not told us what versions of Reader are involved. IT may be a preference setting on how documents are displayed on screen. Compare the preference file settings on a computer that works better and compare it to the settings on the computer the does not.

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            JohnB352 Level 1

            Actually, I did.  It's the lastest version.  9.something.


            The problem PC started out with 7.something.  That didn't work so I uninstalled it and installed 9.something.  That didn't work, so I un-installed it again, and removed all instances of anything "adobe" from the Windows registry.  Then re-installed the latest version from Adobe, ran it, and got an update from Adobe.  Same problem.  I thought it might be somehow (though unlikely) hardware related.  But I can RDP into a server from this PC, and open the same PDF, and it views fine.  So it isn't a hardware issue.


            I've compared settings, and don't see any difference.  A very unusual problem.