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    Getting images from a different project


      Ok this is weird

      Last night I work on a project well call it A. A was the only project I worked on yesterday. This morning I opened A and I am getting one frame from a completly different project I have not worked on all week If I move the scrubber around the image stayrs on this one frame till I hit and edit then it shows the right image till I hit another edit and I get the still image again.

      The project is a multicam project. I went to the sequence with the synchronized tracks and scrubbed there. No problem I only get the top track as I should. When I went back to the Multi screen master (I guess you can call it) the problem went away.

      I am reporting that here in case this is a bug. Does it sound like a bug or neutrinos messing with my CPU?


      Anyone else had this problem?