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    DVD DL for archiving?


      Have searched forums & the net for recomendations on DL discs for compatibility & reliability - the clear choice seems to be Verbatim - (though perhaps the new Falcon Pro discs are good also,,,)

      I shoot a lot of dance school performance video, and parents want copies as archives - I'm wondering if a good, verified DL copy is as durable over time as -R copies...(I've read that the reflectivity levels on 2 layer discs are, by necessity, considerably lower than single layer discs)

      Any opinions gratefully accepted.

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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          In my experience, Falcon Pro media burned on an Optiarc 7200S has fewer errors than my purchased Hollywood disks.  That doesn't guarantee compatibility, as there could be players that just don't like +R formats, (and Encore won't burn to -R DLs).  But my own experience has been that all of my burned Falcon Pro +R DL disks play perfectly for everyone I send them to (so far).


          Having said that, I've only been using the Falcons for maybe a year, so longevity has not been tested.  What I can say is that some of my Verbatim DVDs from six years ago are starting to show signs of age and a few here and there have difficulty being played.