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    Anchor Point selection


      Are there plans to implement anchor point selections for object transformations, like the 9-point grid UI element in PS, AI, ID, etc?


      Right now the anchor point seems to default to top left. If I want an image to reduce in size by half around it's center point, I have to do a resize and move transformation, which is a bit tedious.



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          Tvoliter Adobe Employee

          You are in luck. In the next beta release the 9 point transform box that surrounds a selection will allow you to resize from each corner while keeping the oppositive corner fixed.



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            amozzah Level 1

            Thanks, that's good to know.


            However that sounds like something different from the anchor point issue I described. You're talking about transforming objects on the stage using the transformation handles, right?


            I was talking about how animations play relative to the anchor point. If the transform box also allowed you to reposition the anchor point (like After Effects and PS below), that would solve the animation problem.



            If not, I would like to see something in the Object properties for Anchor Point. The 9-point grind I referred to would be ideal (see below).



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              Tvoliter Adobe Employee

              Thank you for the clarification and diagram. I see you wish to control the transformation origin of an animated object during rotate and resizes, and that the 9-point controls provides a convenient UI to specify this.This is something we are aware of looking at for future releases.


              You are correct that this currently can only be done via combining a move effect + resize effect or a move effect + rotate effect. Combining these effects lets the object appear to have a different transform origin, but I see that the workflow could be improved.