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    Capturing PAL miniDV to NTSC system...is it possible?

    fosterchen Level 1

      Hello Premiere Users,


      Here's what I need to do.  I have a couple miniDV tapes in PAL format that I need to convert to NTSC somehow with the equipment we have.

      Problem is we don't have any PAL players or recorders.  This was shot in Australia and sent to us.

      I've tried to capture via firewire and it wouldn't go, even in PAL settings.

      The only thing that I've managed to get is playback from a Sony V1U HDV NTSC camera to a broadcast monitor via the component cable. (composite comes out B&W)  I've tried to use this signal to record onto all types of recorders(Betacam, DigiBeta, DVCAM), but it just won't work.


      Is there any way to use this component analog signal on Premiere or any other system?  Any success stories?

      Is there a way to capture this miniDV PAL footage without buying a PAL camera/player..?

      Or If I do need to buy something, what is the cheapest way to go about this?  Some sort of converter hardware/software?




      Oh, I've got multiple versions of Premiere Pro; 1.5, 2.0, and CS4(Mac & PC).