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    Can't run Catalyst - keep getting error


      When I try to run Catalyst on my Mac (running 10.5.8) I get the error, "A file system error is preventing Adobe Flash Catalyst from launching."

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          We've been getting the same error with CS 5 and CS 5.5 on remote accounts on our Macs. Local accounts seem to work fine.


          You might get some useful information if you examine the Catalyst log under:

          /Users/[account]/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Flash Catalyst/workspace/.metadata/.log


          In our case, the error came when the server was unable to lock a certain file (~/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Flash Catalyst/configuration/org.eclipse.osgi/.manager/.fileTableLock) on our server system.


          As a fix, I'm going to attempt to move the file onto the local drive.


          Don't know if you're having the same problems or not.


          Hope this helps.