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    Is there a fix for the slow processing yet? Clipping mask slows down Illustrator CS4 to the point it can't be used


      I've seen a few older posts regarding CS4's bug with applying a clipping mask to any image that is somewhat complex, but have yet to find an answer.


      The problem is, any time a clipping mask is applied to a semi-complex shape, Illustrator CS4 slows almost to a halt. We're talking 10 minutes of the beach ball to apply the mask and then another few minutes to do anything else with the document. This is unacceptable. My system is loaded (Dual 1.8 GHz G5, 1.25 GB of memory). The exact same files process fine in CS3. Many of our other designers are running iMacs and cannot work on the files at all using CS4. There has to be an answer to this problem.


      Prefs have been deleted, Document Raster Effects has been lowered. Any other suggestions?


      Your help is greatly appreciated.