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    Horizontal Cluster Install




      I am attempting to set up a cluster in CF 8.   I have created an instance on two servers with CF 8 enterprise multi-server mode installed on them.  Both servers are running IIS7 and have windows load balancing running on them in order to balance the IIS requests.  The purpose of setting up the CF cluster (in my mind) is to allow for replicated sessions in the case that one server fails.


      My questions are:


      1 - Do I have to set up the cluster on both servers?  I would think yes, but could this cause problems?

      2 - How do scheduled tasks work?  Will they run only on the server in which the instance that they are set up on is installed?


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          "allow for replicated sessions" generally is NOT a good idea, if you utilise a lot of session vars it will be VERY [resource] expensive exercise...

          Sticky sessions are more common...


          1) Yes, if you intend to do session replication

          2) It is complicated:

          if your scheduled tasks update DB I would suggest to set them up on ALL servers with time shift and program the tasks to check if it was run within the time frame..

          if your scheduled tasks are updating a file system it will depend on your setup - run as above if using a network drive for ALL instances, or run on each instance separately if using local file system..