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    Playing AAC files in air

    Steve Brewer
      I'm trying to play unprotected aac files (iTunes plus downloads or files ripped from iTunes) in an AIR app. Code looks like this:

      var f : File = new File();
      f.addEventListener('select', function(e : Object) : void {
      trace('you selected ' + f.name);
      var r:URLRequest = new URLRequest(f.url);
      var s:Sound = new Sound();
      s.addEventListener('complete', function(e:Event):void{
      trace('file is loaded, about to play');
      var sc:SoundChannel = e.target.play();
      sc.addEventListener('soundComplete', function(e:Event):void{trace('sound is done');});
      trace('Error: ' + e);
      f.browseForOpen('Select a Song');

      The sounds loads without error and then immediately calls soundComplete. Flash version (according to flash.system.Capabilities.version) is MAC 9,0,115,0.

      Thanks for the help!