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    FB4 Web Service doesn't run


      I'm a little confused about using Flash Builder 4 to connect to a simple BP1.1 compliant WSDL-defined service. The WSDL is enclosed, but it's just a simple service that on the Java server is defined as:


         public String getName() {return "xyz";}


      In FB4 it generates a class for the wrapper (doc/literal/wrapped in WSDL speak), then wants it as an argument:


         getName(getName: GetName): GetNameResponse


      If I then generate binding code I get:


          protected function textInput_creationCompleteHandler(event:FlexEvent):void
          getNameResult.token = personService.getName(getName);


      Where the parameter 'getName' is undefined, hence compiler error. I can manually add:


              var getName:GetName = new GetName();


      Is it the intent that one has to manually code to these wrapper objects? It does then compile, but doesn't run. The network monitor shows the WSDL is retrieved but the XSD gets an error, although it clearly is there as verified through a browser.


      Am I doing something wrong?


      Incidentally I had to hack the names of the attached files because it won't allow me to post files of type .wsdl or .xsd (??)