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    3D Graphics Cards for Video Editing (what's the real deal?)

    BrownChiLD03 Level 1


      I've known for some time that 3D graphic cards offers no REAL significant improvements to VIDEO EDITING and RENDERING.

      I also know that for real video editing, one needs the likes of Quadro cards, not 3D Gaming Cards like GEforce/Radeon.. and that the SOFTWARE being used needs to have support for using GPU for rendering such as CUDA technology

      I tried to update myself and read around a bit... w/ the advancements of software today, 3D gaming cards now offer more improvements for video editing should software use 3D effects, transitions, or similar.. but still not that much really

      Q1: am i on top of things so far?

      And recently i found out that Adobe Premier CS4 (and other vid ed software) now takes advantage of GPU power.. (really?)

      Q2: HOW MUCH advantage though? like a lot like equally as useful as CPU power?? or a bit of gpu power to help cpu?

      Q3: So, would it be practical to spend $$$$ on a highend GeForce Card like GTX295 to improve video editing/rendering performance? or would it be rather more useful to spend that on higher CPU or overall PC specs?

      Would really like to hear your thoughts on these.