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    Premiere 4.1 randomly crashes


      OS: Windows XP SP3

      RAM 3GB

      HP XW4600 workstation

      Intel Core 2 Duo E8400

      2 HDD

      150GB system drive

      450GB video drive

      SATA non raided

      Nvidia Quadro FX 1700ISV certified driver 182.67 Rev A (provided by HP. Tried the drive directly from OEM which worsened the problem)

                      Matrox RT.X2  4.1 build 25

      CS4 with all updates (premiere 4.1)

      Premiere crashes randomly throughout the day. Sometimes while rendering, sometimes while starting up. Occasionally an error log will be generated in which an "Unknown Exemption" is cited as the issue. I have update to the latest Nvidia OEM drivers but this added file corruption to the mix of problems. This is in a lab of 24 computers all imaged with the same image. The randomness is most annoying and hard to recreate consistently on any one machine. The randomness leads me to believe it is a resource allocation or software/system interface problem. Any ideas?!?

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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          Two ideas.  First, lose the Matrox.  Premiere typically just plain works much better without it.


          Second, others have had issues with your graphics card, which is serious overkill for an NLE anyway.  Switch to a 4000 series ATI.


          I can't guarantee either of those will solve the issue, but it's a good chance they will, and they're both good things to do anyway.