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    Sound Render


      Hi, I've this problem that when I try to "sound render" (with numb 0 button) it renders all I want. And it stops when it comes to the movie clip I've added.


      I dont know why this happens, but when I've tried to export the movie, it exports all, but the movie clip inside just gets black, like it didn't exist at all..


      Does somone knows a resolution for this?

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Well, what "movie clip" is it? CoDec? Source? Quite obvious that it is in a format AE doesn't support fully, so an external conversion might be advisable...



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            blt950 Level 1

            The movie clip is an .avi format, recorded with FRAPS program.. I've an converter so I could convert the movie, but what kind of movie file then?

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              yenaphe Adobe Community Professional

              Try to convert to Quicktime Animation, it's a lossless codec so you won't loose quality.


              I haven't used FRAPS since a long time, but it use a custom codec, hence the problematic behavior inside AE.

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                Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

                Yupp, FRAPS generates DirectDraw AVIs with a proprietary encoding and AE has never liked those. It's the same with DivX, Xvid and a few othzers that have no compatibility options for the legacy Windows Media Architecture interface. I'd simply run them through VirtualDub and create a uncompressed version. given today's disk capacities, file size should not be a problem, but if so, you could then as a first step convert it to a QT movie through AE using Animation, PNG or Photo JPEG compression before beginning the actual editing.