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    Any problems installing RH8 trial alongside RH7?


      I have RoboHelp HTML version 7 installed. I would like to install the trial version of RoboHelp HTML version 8. Will this mess up my installation of version 7? After the trial period is over, will I be able to uninstall the trial version of 8 without also uninstalling version 7?


      -Alan Davidson

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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

          In theory it should be OK as far as RH HTML is concerned, no one can guarantee nothing will go wrong.


          In RH8, you can choose not to install for RH for Word. It is important you do not dual install RH 7 and 8 for Word.


          Do bear in mind that if you upgrade a project, there is no way back to RH7 for that project so you must work on copies.


          Of course, standard advice is always not to install trials of anything on a production machine.


          Create a restore point before you start.


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