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    Cannot type in previously used forms with newly installed 9.1 reader


      Recently installed upgrade  to 9.1 adobe reader.


      Now the forms previously typed in cannot be filled with letters or numbers. These forms were from state institutions and meant to be filled out and typed with adobe. I successfully used these forms with the previous version of adobe reader.


      The purple band shows at the top indicating the form can be filled.  The I bar shows up and can be placed in the blank spaces but no letter can be typed in the forms.


      Is this the result of failure of the upgrade software ?


      Has any one experienced this problem?

      I have only one installation of th adobe software 9.1 installed.

      In reviewing the help data on line I noted they indicaed a "security setting" under file/ preferences. I dont know what they are talking about?


      Have done the following based on other suggestions .


      Changed the preferences changed the PDF/ A  mode to "never'

      Also now understand the security setting for the document. The document restriction summary show the document to allow "filling  of forms fields" along with printing and content copying . Does not allow document assembly and siging.


      Still unable to fill out the form 


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