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    Is transfered eBook unprintable?


      I've purchased some eBooks and downloaded them onto my desktop PC.

      Everything works fine on the desktop PC.

      So I activated another installation of ADE on laptop PC and try to transfer those eBooks there.

      But, on the laptop, I can only browse and can't print though printing is allowed "on any device".

      Precisely to say, document information popup show me a message;"Allow printing: 0 pages".

      Does anyone have same issue?

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          Sozzled Level 1



          This is part of the DRM and is 'expected' behaviour.


          The reason for this is that if you print a copy of your book or document on your desktop PC, there is no way of telling your laptop computer that you have printed off a copy. If for example the book in question has maximum two copies printed allowed, theoretically then you would be able to print off 2 copies from each of the computers you activate with your Adobe ID, i.e. 4 instead of 2.


          As this would breach copyright, the Adobe solution is to restrict printing to the first computer the book was downloaded to only.


          Hope this helps!

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            k_zenitani Level 1

            Thank you for your comment (and sorry for my late reply). I understand the reason and agree with you. Although I've wanted to use a color printer in my office, but I have no choice. It may be simple to buy another copy of the eBook. Thanks a lot anyway.